‘It Took Me 14 Years And 300 Rejections Every Month To Get Noticed’: Actor Sumeet Vyas

In an ideal world, says Sumeet Vyas, you’ll churn out finely wrought prose day in and day out while sipping tea in a dainty cafe which overlooks the mountains. But the brutal truth is – we don’t live in an ideal world. Nothing like it. There are days when we feel like we have run out of things to write. Sometimes we come close to giving up on our story, poem, novel or book. Sumeet acknowledges that writing is hard labour. In the same breath, he admits his unfailing love for the process.

Sumeet Vyas became a household name with his portrayal of the overeager long-distance boyfriend Mikesh Choudhary in the web series “Permanent Roommates”. Hethen acted in TVF’s web series “Tripling”, a show he co-wrote. He had to endure great disappointment before his work was finally appreciated. Watch this Josh Talk to find out how Sumeet battled 300 rejections in a month.

In his talk, Sumeet admits that rejection is an occupational hazard. “As an actor, I am always auditioning for roles. I face close to 300 rejections in a month. It took me 14 long years to convince people to take notice of my work.”

His tip for dealing with rejections is simple: persistence. “Persistence conquers all things. You’ve got to persist through failure. Push yourself. You’ve got to push through shyness and self-doubt. There is no secret to success. There’s only this.” The next time rejection knocks you down, allow the appropriate time to be upset and then let it go. It’s time to move on to bigger, better things.

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